Fine art, big heart


My passion is combining my passion for photography with a warm and comfortable experience.



Over the past ten years, I have made it my goal to tell the love stories of my clients both beautifully and meaningfully.  One cannot exist without the other, or I have not done my job successfully.  

Being a wedding photographer takes more than just an artistic eye.  It takes incredible attention to detail, focus, and the ability to effectively lead and communicate (and yes, be a little bossy...)

My goal is to capture not only the look, but the FEEL of your day.  Every detail you put thought into is an important and unique part of your story.  It deserves careful and thought out documentation.
I love LOVE.  And capturing those important moments that you want to freeze forever?  The ones that only get better with time?  That's what I do. 

"I would choose christen over and over again!"

"I would choose christen over and over again!"

Morgan, Bride

BUT Why Wedding Photography?

Everyone wants to feel like the work they do is important.  Like it will outlast their time here.  And over time, I have realized that what I do is infinitely important.  I have the ability to transport people through time and revisit the most important moments of their life.  The moments that formed them.  Images can stop time, and my favorite part about my job is that my images only gain meaning through the years.  As important  relationships change and grow, and the people that form us come and go, the images remain. Nothing except photography has the ability to do that, and I feel immense pride that I get to spend my career serving clients in this way.  I am honored to not only capture, but be present for some of the most beautiful moments life has to offer.  It's such a gift that I never take for granted.  



"Christen was truly given a talent when it comes to photography. She is the calm to the storm on the big day and takes the stress away by taking over and telling you what to do. My husband and I look at our wedding photos daily and we could not be happier to have these photos forever. I would choose her over and over again."

morgan & drew


"Christen is truly the BEST!!!  We both felt so comfortable and had such a good time with our wedding photos.  Her gentle suggestions about timing, lighting and outfits demonstrated her distinguished expertise in photography.  She was SUCH a blessing to our wedding, and we were lucky to have her there."

Tabitha & roby


"Christen is more than a photographer, she is a personal cheerleader for your marriage!  It is refreshing to have someone excited for your moment and the little things on your big day.  She won't let any memory go uncaptured in a beautiful, artistic way.  Easiest choice in wedding planning."

erica & Robbie


"Looking back on all the choices I made during wedding planning, I'm so thankful we chose Christen to do the photos.  What a blessing it was to have her share in our special day.  It's more than a career to her, she puts her heart into it.  It blessed my heart to see her share tears with us behind the camera."

Kristin & keegan




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