2023 Wedding Superlatives


January 8, 2024

When I say I love all my clients dearly, I truly mean it. You all hold a special place in my heart. And while I might be moving on to other brides, I’ll never forget you and no one can replace you. I’m half kidding, but it IS true. And before I fully turn the page on 2023, I have to give it the respect it deserves. So here is a (hopefully) super fun post honoring each of my dear couples.

Madison & Drew Weems- Most Drool Worthy Venue & Florals

These two had such an elegant, black tie wedding, but also relaxed and just all around stunning. Jaw dropping venue, dress, bride, florals, you name it….this wedding had it. Beyond blessed to have witnessed the incredible love that these two share.

Elizabeth & Ryan Wenzler- Most FUN

I think everyone in attendance would agree. This day was just…fun. These people and their families really know how to celebrate. I had such a great time (sometimes even feeling like a guest and not a vendor!) The memories made on this day will always make me smile. I really hope I have not seen the last of the Wenzler family. Also most bangin’ bride. This girl is STUN-NING!

Katie & Andrew Dorns- Most “go with the flow”, Best Vendor Team & Best Dress

Yes they got three awards. What can I say, no one deserves it more than these two. It rained the entire day, and somehow no one seemed to care even a little. The joy was palpable and there was such joy and graciousness from all ends on this day. It flowed without a hitch, and I’m certain it’s because of the calming energy of both this incredible bride, and her fabulous planner Natalie Rice. This wedding is the epitome of my “why”. Also, Katie’s dress had BOWS, and they were so beautiful and romantic blowing in the wind for portraits. Thanks for being completely perfect. XOXO

Erin & Connor Panyko- Best Attitudes & Best Party

These two are truly gems. So so lovely, I knew that from the beginning…and because of that, their wedding day was next level. Not only the two of them, but everyone I encountered the entire day was an absolute delight. I felt like I wanted to be adopted into this family and come to all the holiday gatherings. They are a hilarious, joyful, polite, and joy-filled bunch and I was so blessed to capture this day. I went home with a huge smile on my face and a full heart. These two are the real deal and won’t be forgotten.

Marissa & Jacob- Best Lighting/Best portraits

These two were just a dream. Marissa is also a photographer and artist, so she understands good light=EVERYTHING. She planned her day around photography, and we not only got some great portraits, but also, they had so much time to themselves to just enjoy being together. These two are so fun and easy to be around, and I’m hoping I haven’t seen the last of them. 😉

Madison & Jared Grothaus- Most relaxed/gracious

These two might not say a TON, but what they DO say is so kind and they are the most grateful and relaxed people to be around. The people in their lives seem to just know how lucky they are, b/c their friends and family were so lovely to be around. Just warm cup of apple cider kind of vibes, and I’m so grateful to have captured their Rhinegeist brewery wedding this year.

Lauren & Noah Ballard- Most Romantic, Fairytale Wedding

This wedding was a dream! We had a fancy vintage car for portraits, and Lauren’s planner (Blush and Bloom) designed a gorgeous reception space inside The Dayton Arcade, which was recently renovated into SUCH a beautiful space. The classic color scheme (black, white and neutrals) and romance of this couple’s energy just made it over the top amazing. Love these two!

Kaitlyn & Ryan- Best Makeup & Hair

This may sound shallow, but hey, makeup and hair is important, and this bride was glowwwwwinggggg. Also these two are the definition of “better together”, and I have no doubt they found their person in each other. Seeing them come together and begin a family of their own was beyond a blessing.

Maddie & Mike Pizarek- Most Magical Reception

This winter wedding was beyond gorgeous. Early december just has that warm and cozy vibe anyways, and that’s exactly how they wanted it to feel. Candles were everywhere, the bride and bridesmaids wore furs, and there were giant trees with clear ornaments. It was really and truly a magical space, and I’m sure the guests all felt so special.

Allie & Rob Klaserner- Best Pet Appearance & Most Fun Bridal Party

This wedding was my first of the year, and it was just the best way to start my year. We booked a studio since it was set to rain all day, and we got some fun studio shots with everyone, including their sweet pup! Everyone was so easy going and fun to be around, it made the day just the MOST fun. These two are truly lovely, and I can’t wait to watch their family grow, even if it’s just pup babies 🙂

Kaylin & Grant Crawford- Best view- Best sentimental/heartfelt moments

I ALWAYS get teary at weddings, but this one might take the cake. There were just so many moments that felt sentimental and emotional. I felt so lucky to not only document, but witness these sweet moments from behind my lens.

Sarah & Cameron Engel- Most Joyful & Best Band

I think the below images say it all. Sarah exudes joy and grace, and just plain FUN. Cameron is more quiet, but a true gem of a human. I feel so lucky to have gotten to meet them & capture their Chicago engagement session (will truly never forget it!) and wedding day. P.S.- Band was LIT-TY. Is that what the kids are saying?



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